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Thoughts on grief

Grief is a natural, normal response to loss. There is no script for grief, no right or wrong way to grieve… it is a deeply personal experience that looks different from person to person. What’s important is that you give yourself space (and permission) to feel. You may experience a physical manifestation of symptoms. John Bowlby wrote that “grief resembles a physical injury more closely than any other type of illness. The loss sometimes may be spoken of as a ‘blow’. As in the case of a physical injury, the ‘wound’ gradually heals… but occasionally complications set in, healing is delayed or a further injury re-opens a wound”. People who are grieving often report chest pains, feelings of “heaviness”, a lost of appetite, stomach aches, fatigue, a racing heart, achiness, etc. This is all normal. Remember to take care of yourself. It’s easy to put your mourning first, but self-care is remains paramount. Get enough sleep, exercise, etc. Find a professional to talk to if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Resources on grief:

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